Little minds observe and hurt more!

Program: Girls Glory

Student- Ravichandra, 4th Grade

School- Babusapalaya Govt School

On 19th February, 2018 Reaching Hands team arrived at 9:00 AM in Babusapalaya Govt School for the “Handing Over Ceremony” of the newly constructed toilets. Construction of these 4 toilets units have been possible through the generous donation of our supporting corporate Next Gen under Reaching Hands Girls Glory program.

Little minds observe and hurt more! Little Ravi Chandra of Grade 4 of that school approached and greeted us with his warm smile. He was excited with the new facility provided in his school. He sighed how much trouble he and his friends faced due to unavailability of toilets. He told one of his friend was infected as he went for open defecation owing to lack of toilets in the school.

He acknowledges that girls face more difficulties. The Girls feel embarrassed that the boys keep on staring at them. They make use of friend’s houses nearby for using the toilets. He adds this was the biggest issue in their school.

Reaching Hands timely intervention has solved the issue in this Govt school Babusapalaya. The toilets are based on high tech module with ample water facilities available.

This initiative is a huge relief not only for Ravi Chandra but to all the students in that school. He and his friends are extremely thankful to Reaching Hand and Next Gen for their support and concern for the children of the community.


” Trust the magic of beginnings”

Divyashree- 9th Grade

Govt High School Bennigannahalli

Divyashree is a student of Bennigannahalli Government High School and is currently in the 9th grade. She resides at Doddaharalagere village that is located 6 kms away from school along with her parents and 2 siblings . Her father owns a silkworm farm and her mother is a house wife.

It was during the inauguration of toilets at her school that she learned about Reaching Hand. They constructed 3 new toilets with proper water facility. For cleaning the toilets an Ayamma too was appointed by them . The Ayamma is responsible for maintaining the toilets. All the girls are extremely happy about this initiative.

Divyashree says, “earlier there was only 1 toilet for 140 high school girls in my school and it was very difficult or never maintained properly. The girls would hardly drink water to avoid using the toilet through the duration in school”.

She adds, “the days during periods were extremely difficult, so we either skip school during those days or have to use the toilet in a friend’s house near school”.

She sighs relief looking at the new toilets and says she is extremely happy now that she and her friends have separate toilets and they don’t have to worry about teachers yelling at them for being late to class because of waiting in long queues to use the toilet or not coming to school during periods.

She is thankful to Reaching Hand for building 3 new Toilets for her and her friends.

Suddenly you know…”it is time to start somethings new and trust the magic of beginnings”

“Spoorthi Program” creates a winner again!”Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it”

Read the story of Sahana M. our “Spoorthi Center” student made use of opportunity given to her.

Sahana studies in 10th grade at B. Narayanaura Government High School.  Her father’s name is Manjunath and her mother’s name is Nagarathna. Her father works as a Mechanic and her mother a housewife.  She has two sisters. The elder one is married and the other is studying in Maharani Arts and Management college.

Sahana is an introvert by nature and spends most of  her time alone. It is with great persuasion that she takes part in extra curriculum activities. She is organized and scores well in studies. Our Spoorthi Center trainer used to observe her and spend more time with her to understand her interest and talents.

The trainer observed that she can excel in other activities when given a chance. She was counseled for the same. Almost immediately she began spending much of her time interacting with other students and participating in extra curriculum activities. Her school suggested her name for the Kanaka Jayanthi event. She took part in the essay writing competition in which she won the fourth position and was awarded a certificate from the chief minister of State. That was a proud moment for the school.

Recently she took part in “HCL Young Kalam Science Fest”for which she worked on a model based on the concept of Hydroelectricity. She explained the important features of her model in front of various dignitaries at the event. It is because of  Reaching Hands spoorthi trainer’s effort that she is proving herself everywhere. She is thankful to Reaching Hand for setting up “Spoorthi center” in her school through which she is able to learn much more than her school curriculum.

“Life does not get better by chance but by change”

Read the story of Jamuna to know how she decided to make a change in her circumstance and not rely on her past failures.

Jamuna is one of the beneficiary of Planet first program of Reaching Hand which is an extension of “PRATISHTHA”- a skill training and placement center. Through this program Reaching Hand aims to empower youth through employ-ability and 21 century skills using blended learning methods.

Married at a very young age, Jamuna always wear a smile, talks with enthusiasm and is mature to face obstacles in a positive manner.

Jamuna says “since childhood I have dreamt of pursuing  fashion designing. I used to spend most of my time drawing, painting  and decorating things. I got good comments from everyone. Though I am from a poor family, I wanted to pursue my dream.”

She learnt tailoring course and because of her interest and sharp mind she mastered the art in a short span and start training students immediately after completion of the course. After 2nd years PUC she had to stop her education because of family pressure. Her father persuaded her to get married to get rid of the responsibility when her mother was on the death bed. Soon her mother passed away due to cancer.

Jamuna adds ,“ it was like everything is over. I thought I will not be able to pursue my talent and dream.My life became so dark and I had no idea where I was heading.”

After marriage things were different but her husband is always supportive. Jamuna who has a son now , enrolled in Pratishtha center few months back and is positive that she can contribute to the society and show the world her talent too.She attended English speaking and communicative classes along with computer basics classes.

Jamuna completed the course and is currently working in the paper and cloth bag manufacturing unit of Pratishtha. Every day she stitches minimum of 100 bags and with the amount she receives she can support her family. She is extremely thankful to Reaching Hand for providing this opportunity.

Jamuna still spends most of her time drawing. She dreams to open her own boutique and stitch cloths of her own designs. Showing us some of her pictures she keeps highlighting about her passion.

She says,“Drawing is something which I really enjoy, I can sit and draw tirelessly for hours. My drawing pencil gets out everything  I feel.”

Through her determination she proves the quote,
“Life throws challenges, but with every challenge comes rainbows and lights to conquer it.”





“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity”- Read Tanu’s story- The fighter with a smile

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity”

Tanu and his brother Shashi were like any other young kids, living with their parents. Strong willed, driven with aspirations and dreams, they looked forward to fulfilling every dream as days passed. They enjoyed the simplicity in their life being nurtured and cared for.

Good things also come to an end and so was the happiness of  this family. His father’s usual fights with his mom turned one fateful night into a nightmare. In an inebriated state he pushed his wife on a live electric wire. Tanu was in her arms and he was electrocuted along with her. While his mother succumbed to her injuries ,Tanu sustained burn injuries. That incident had his lower limbs amputated. His father was jailed and the siblings were abandoned by their grandparents too.

With no shelter ,support and hope for the future during that time of distress, recalling the dreadful experience Tanu says, “We were left to fend for ourselves. Our neighbors understood our plight and put us under the care of Wenlock Hospital. They funded my treatment. With time I recovered slowly. My brother, Sashi took care of me whichever way he could.”  

“That’s when “Reaching Hand” organization intervened and gave us a home to stay, funded all medical expenses and taught us to dream again. Reaching Hand is God’s best gift and miracle to us. New Home is like my own home with lovely, caring and fun filled people .” Tanu proudly exclaims.

Currently Tanu is studying in grade 3 at the “Home School” and his brother is in grade 10 in Capstone school. New Home tries to give them all the facilities to make their lives better.

“A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules”

Pamilselvi , 33 is one of the beneficiary of Reaching Hand “Planet First- (Paper and Cloth Making)” program which is an extension project of “PRATISHTHA”- a skill training and placement center that empowers youths through employability and life skills training using digital lessons.

A mother of two, she joined Pratishtha center a month ago to learn new skills to support her family. At our center she learns Computer and English courses and is being trained in our PAC manufacturing unit to make cloth and paper bags which will come handy in the future.

She has not received proper education because of her poor family background but her desire to learn along with other responsibilities shows her determination and willingness to learn and do something to fulfill her dreams.

She says “Reaching Hand has shown me the way and has given me a chance to learn once again. After joining the course, I am learning new things every day and I try to apply these in my daily activities. Through the Personality development classes I am now confident to communicate with others. Now when my daughter’s friends come home I greet them in English and I feel very happy and confident.”

Pamilselvi understands the value of education and believes that with proper education you gain respect in the society!

“The only motive in my life now is to educate my children and make them good, useful and respectful citizens. Both my husband and I work very hard to give them a better life. I will use my learning in making paper and cloth bags to become an entrepreneur and will support my family in the future”, says Pamilselvi.

Her hobbies include cooking, listening to music and catering.

Even in this modern era there are many women who are behind the four walls of their homes post marriage. They are not allowed to do anything for themselves and are forced to sacrifice their dreams for the sake of their family. But for Pamilselvi, her best gift for her family is to create an identity for herself so that they are proud of her.

CHUIMAYO – “Our Pride in Disguise”

Chuimayo..July 2017Chuimayo is another young boy who lived with his parents and siblings in the Indian north eastern state of Manipur. Aspirations and dreams are not within the reach of many in that state. Chimayo’s uncle lived in Bangalore and forced his parents to let him relocate to Bangalore in hopes of better education and facilities.

Chimayo joined to be part of New Home family at a tender age of 7 in 2006 and started his schooling immediately in one of the best schools in the locality. Being an intelligent boy, he could grasp the toughest of syllabus with ease.

His love for reading helped him receive many prizes for essay writing competitions in the school. He made best use of the school and New Home library facilities. Though he appears timid, he is a football champion and his school holds the credit of their formidable team to him.

It is not a surprise that this hard worker passed his High School in flying colours and was enrolled easily in the science stream for his higher education. With little coaching, he cracked the entrance exam and joined a prestigious Institute of Technology in Mangalore. He has completed his first year in Automobile Engineer and is spending his semester break with New Home. He aspires to excel in his field and make a change where ever he is.

He owes his “Journey to Success” to the New Home team who has been his constant support and motivation. Looking back, he says” New Home has taught me to love unconditionally, be considerate to others and to believe in yourself”.

“When destiny finds you, nothing can stop you”- Way to go Chuimayo!