Little minds observe and hurt more!

Program: Girls Glory

Student- Ravichandra, 4th Grade

School- Babusapalaya Govt School

On 19th February, 2018 Reaching Hands team arrived at 9:00 AM in Babusapalaya Govt School for the “Handing Over Ceremony” of the newly constructed toilets. Construction of these 4 toilets units have been possible through the generous donation of our supporting corporate Next Gen under Reaching Hands Girls Glory program.

Little minds observe and hurt more! Little Ravi Chandra of Grade 4 of that school approached and greeted us with his warm smile. He was excited with the new facility provided in his school. He sighed how much trouble he and his friends faced due to unavailability of toilets. He told one of his friend was infected as he went for open defecation owing to lack of toilets in the school.

He acknowledges that girls face more difficulties. The Girls feel embarrassed that the boys keep on staring at them. They make use of friend’s houses nearby for using the toilets. He adds this was the biggest issue in their school.

Reaching Hands timely intervention has solved the issue in this Govt school Babusapalaya. The toilets are based on high tech module with ample water facilities available.

This initiative is a huge relief not only for Ravi Chandra but to all the students in that school. He and his friends are extremely thankful to Reaching Hand and Next Gen for their support and concern for the children of the community.