CHUIMAYO – “Our Pride in Disguise”

Chuimayo..July 2017Chuimayo is another young boy who lived with his parents and siblings in the Indian north eastern state of Manipur. Aspirations and dreams are not within the reach of many in that state. Chimayo’s uncle lived in Bangalore and forced his parents to let him relocate to Bangalore in hopes of better education and facilities.

Chimayo joined to be part of New Home family at a tender age of 7 in 2006 and started his schooling immediately in one of the best schools in the locality. Being an intelligent boy, he could grasp the toughest of syllabus with ease.

His love for reading helped him receive many prizes for essay writing competitions in the school. He made best use of the school and New Home library facilities. Though he appears timid, he is a football champion and his school holds the credit of their formidable team to him.

It is not a surprise that this hard worker passed his High School in flying colours and was enrolled easily in the science stream for his higher education. With little coaching, he cracked the entrance exam and joined a prestigious Institute of Technology in Mangalore. He has completed his first year in Automobile Engineer and is spending his semester break with New Home. He aspires to excel in his field and make a change where ever he is.

He owes his “Journey to Success” to the New Home team who has been his constant support and motivation. Looking back, he says” New Home has taught me to love unconditionally, be considerate to others and to believe in yourself”.

“When destiny finds you, nothing can stop you”- Way to go Chuimayo!


Reaching Hand is a registered Charitable Trust started in 1996 in Bangalore, formed with an aim to work among underprivileged children, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged women. We envision an empowered future for all by acting as a catalyst for social change. We empower children, youth and women through our innovative program focusing on the areas of education, health and skill development so that they lead a life of self-worth, hope and dignity.

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