Five new toilets and a Spoorthi centre inaugurated for the students of 2 govt schools in Bellary, Karnataka.


“I often take leave when I have my periods. The toilets in the school are dilapidated and cannot be used. Though there is one outside the school, we could hardly use it as some men teachers do not allow us to use it. Besides, my house is a bit far away,” says Lakshmi, a 9th standard student of Government school (Metri), Devlapura.

During those days, she used to go home on lunch break and stays back.

A week ago, when the RH team went to the same school, we could see only happy faces. The mood was festive as they got five new toilets.

“You have solved our long pending issue,” says Maheswari, an 8th standard student. She was not as unlucky as Lakshmi because her house is nearby and she could go to her house to change the pad during lunch break. Thus she managed to attend the classes.

Gauda Sidappa, Headmaster of the school says the school hardly had clean and proper toilets since 2010. “Even the school was in a bad shape. There was a drain right in the middle of the school. Things changed when Reaching Hand intervened. The drain which was there for 20 years now, got filled up. Now, it is outside the school,” he points out.

“Once, the RH started taking action, the parents, teachers and the Panchayat came together to make its efforts successful. We saw real team work for the first time,” added the jubilant official.

Belloxy partnered with the RH to build toilets with the support of Panchayat and SDMC of government school (metri) Devlapura and government higher primary school, Hosa- Devlapura.


This is an effort by the RH to support central government’sSwachh Bharat-Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign.

In addition to the new toilets, RH visited area schools two weeks ago to conduct “puberty and health and hygiene workshops for students and distributed kits that contain hygiene essentials.

Besides, 100 bags comprising learning kits were distributed as part of         ‘Bag to School’ campaign.

In order to support the “Digital India “campaign, RH has also opened a new Spoorthi centre to teach computer skills, spoken English and other competencies to the students at another government school, Bannihatti. It has contributed computers and appointed three trainers there.

Reaching Hand COO Akshaya Sagar, Feba Nisha Programme manager, programme co-ordinator Khandappa B K, AIF Clinton Fellow Deepa Patil, Belloxy representative Mangala attended the function along with the school staff and Panchayat authorities.