Parasuram wrote his own success story


It has been rightly said “ You are the creator of your own story so make it a good one.” Never did he once let that fire -to make it big in life, extinguish. And, thus Parasuram wrote his own unique story.

Currently, he works as an engineer with Cognizant Software development Company with a good remuneration. But for him, life was not a bed of roses.

In 2006, when Parasuram lost his father, who was the sole bread – winner of the family to heart -attack, he was just six years old. He saw his mother and three elder sisters struggling hard to make both ends meet.

But even amidst adversity, he never ever thought of giving up his education.  He passed his 10th STD with a 90 % mark. But he could never think of pursuing a professional degree as he knew that he would not be able to afford it.

Shoving off his dreams to the back- burner, he decided to go for Arts/Commerce group in his home town and that too in Kannada medium. He chose to go to Kannada medium as he could barely speak in English. It was then one of his neighbours suggested him to go for PCMB ( Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) for PUC as he had scored high marks.

“ First six months were a nightmare. I couldn’t even utter a word in English. Besides, I was the only boy who came from rural Karnataka,” Parasuram says. “ I was on the verge of quitting. But when I thought about my family I knew that I could not give up just like that.

To his surprise,  Parasuram passed his PUC with 80% and that gave him the motivation to dream higher.

He cracked his engineering exam too. Now, he needed the means to achieve that dream. He did not have to grope in the dark for long as one of his acquaintance who was working with Reaching Hand asked him to meet Akhaya Sagar, the COO of the organization. That was a turning point in his life. After then he never had to look back.

He completed his education and got placement in two companies – TCS and Cognizant

“ I decided to go for Cognizant just because the job is in Bangalore and I can take my mother along,” Parasuram said with a glint in his eyes. ” But, if I choose TCS, I would have to go to Kerala and I will not be able to stay with my mother.”