Education can truly transform an underprivileged child’s life. Read Shivkumar’s story..

Case study taken by Feba Nisha and Deepa Patil

Our country does not have enough schools. Several existing schools are deprived of necessary infrastructure. Because of it, many students drop out even before they complete their formal education.

And those children who manage to stay in school till they complete their formal education comes out with insufficient skills and knowledge which do not help them in any ways to find good jobs.

Shivakumar could have been one among the drop outs, if his school had not received help to come up with proper infrastructure on time. He wants to become an engineer. Originally from Koppal district, north Karnataka, he moved to Bangalore, recently to continue his education as his native place only has schools till 7th grade.

Currently, he lives with his aunt and visually challenged uncle who work in the railway station. He is the first one in the family ever to pursue education.

“I knew that if I had to get a job, I should take computer classes. But,there were no such facilities in Koppal.”

To his surprise, Shivakumar saw his dreams turning into reality, when ‘Reaching Hand’ opened a Spoorthi Center at KR Puram government school. It equips schools with a computer lab, computer classes, life skills and soft skills classes.

Besides, there are trainers to teach spoken English and also to inculcate reading habits and various other essential skills.

Sponsored by KWE, the centres are opened in partnership with government schools, block education officers and school development management committee.

“Now, I can learn how to use computers,” said Shivakumar with a grin.

Spoorthi Centers give immense opportunities to under privileged students like Shivakumar.

“I want to study hard and make a name for myself one day. Once I am successful, I want to help underprivileged people and children,” he added.