Menstruation – many girls still lives with low self esteem.


Earlier, I used to think ‘periods’ as something gross. This workshop has helped us to understand that it is not something that has to be ashamed of. Now, we know why we get periods and what are the changes that happens in our body during the time. If our mothers had told us about these things earlier, we could have avoided those days filled with low self-esteem. Sadly, even they are not aware of everything pertaining to menstruation, said Wahida and Rakshita, students of Government High School Jeevan Bhima Nagar school.

They were two among many students who participated in the Puberty workshop held by Girls Glory project.

At a time, when we talk about women empowerment, the increasing number of girl children sans knowledge about menstruation can be a major impediment to every efforts directed towards empowering them.

Many of them even told that it is the first time they are actually discussing on menstruation openly and the workshop also gave a platform to voice their self – esteem issues also.

“ No one, not even doctors, talk to us about our health so freely. I used to go to a private school and no one talked about these things, there. When I first got my period, my friends were the only ones who gave some advice. Now, we realise that only half of them were true. As far as teachers are concerned, they just asked us to be careful but gave no useful information, said Rakshita.

Besides, the workshop also taught us how to clean ourselves when we get periods which I think very important. We are also now aware that the do’s and don’ts during the menstruation are just taboos and unscientific, she added.

Tejaswini, a 9th standard student of Government higher secondary school, Hebbagodi said ” Fifteen minutes into the workshop, I was already thinking about telling everything we discussed today to my mother. My mother and I live alone and she had never taught me these things because she was unaware.”

On the occasion, Reaching Hand also distributed eco-friendly disposable napkins and elaborated on how to use it.

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Reaching Hand is a registered Charitable Trust started in 1996 in Bangalore, formed with an aim to work among underprivileged children, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged women. We envision an empowered future for all by acting as a catalyst for social change. We empower children, youth and women through our innovative program focusing on the areas of education, health and skill development so that they lead a life of self-worth, hope and dignity.

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