Let the sky be your limit – Read Meghna’s success story


Meghna currently works as a Custom Relation Officer at Airtel. She earns Rs 20,000 a month plus incentives. But a year ago, her story was a bit different. Though a graduate, she was working at KFC for a salary of  ₹8000 per month.

Her life changed  for the better after her three month course in Pratishta centrehttp://reachinghand.org/project/pratishtha/  about which she came to know from one of her friends.

Originally from Kolar, 20 year old Meghana grew up in Bangalore under the care of her grandparents. Her parents were living in Kolar. Following her BA graduation, she began a job at KFC. But she wanted to achieve more in life and knew that it could be possible only if she hones her communication skills, especially English. Her search for a good skill training centre landed her in Pratishta.

PRATISHTHA (meaning Prestige) is a programme run by Reaching Hand that supports vulnerable youths, especially young women from disadvantaged families/communities to realize their dreams by equipping and acquiring employability skills with life skills, which not only helps them to access decent employment but also makes them representatives of a gender just society.

On her performance, her trainer testified “ Meghna’s commitment was apparent. Every day, she had to take two different buses to reach the center, yet she was always on time. She most enjoyed Customer Interaction and English classes and believes those classes helped her to procure the current job at Airtel.”

Meghna says “ My father is the sole bread winner of the family. He is a labourer.  As my salary doubled, I am now able to support my decently.”

Meghna  is not ready to end her perseverance and is saving for her future for she wanted to pursue MBA, which she believes will help her move up in her company and accomplish her goal of working at a higher level in administration.

 Case study taken by Abby Terhaar

To know more about Pratishta, please log on tohttp://reachinghand.org/project/pratishtha/




Reaching Hand is a registered Charitable Trust started in 1996 in Bangalore, formed with an aim to work among underprivileged children, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged women. We envision an empowered future for all by acting as a catalyst for social change. We empower children, youth and women through our innovative program focusing on the areas of education, health and skill development so that they lead a life of self-worth, hope and dignity.

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